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Small and Emerging Businesses

As a small business owner, I know firsthand the challenges we face in building and growing our companies.  While there are many programs to assist small businesses, I believe more business development opportunities should be directed to small businesses.  As your next county commissioner, I will work to increase opportunities and dollars awarded to small businesses.

Sustainable Housing 

The need for sustainable housing is paramount in our community.  Our teachers, first responders, young adults, and seniors must be able to afford housing to live and contribute to our community.  Expanding and strengthening programs and policies to provide this quality of life is a major initiative and remains at the forefront of my candidacy.

Our Friends with Disabilities

Persons with disabilities continue to experience denial of access.  At the age of 16, my daughter experienced the onset of a severe autoimmune disease and became disabled including being unable to walk.  I know from everyday experiences the challenges of thousands of families with disabilities and their caretakers.  I am committed to addressing these issues and working diligently to create change.

Our Rising Generation

Our youth and young adults deserve a voice in the continued development and growth of our community.  I pledge to ensure the active inclusion of our next generation in our local government.

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